Specialized CRM for e-commerce

  • Up to +30%

    To parcels buyout
    in regions

  • Up to +30%

    Increasing of repeated

  • Up to +15%

    Increasing of comfirmed
    orders quantity

  • Up to +15%

    To average order value

  • Up to +0,5%

    To current
    conversion of store

  • Up to 50%

    To speed of customer
    base growth

Due to what retailCRM gives acceleration
to any online store?

  • Reminder system for managers
  • Automatic calls for orders and missed calls
  • Easy and clear interface
  • Two-sided integration with useful services and systems
  • Pop-up windows, personalized for the customers
  • Orders aggregation in the real time mode
  • Сomprehensive analytics on orders
  1. 1
    How it works:

    We collect data on orders, calls, customers and traffic in "one-window" mode

  2. 2
    From where the data is collected
    • Online stores
    • Landing pages
    • Offline stores
    • Mobile applications
    • CPA-networks
    • Warehouse systems
    • Delivery services
    • IP-telephony
    • Google analytics
    • Any external service (through API)
  3. 3
    • Personalized e-mail letters and SMS is sent directly from CRM, for a couple of seconds за пару секунд.
    • Consolidated analytics by several services and stores is made in several clicks without complicated consolidated Excel tables.
    • From the first seconds of conversation with customer the manager knows what customer has been watching on the site, has purchased earlier and what letters from mailing he has opened.
    • Manager working speed increases abruptly — no need to rush between a dozen tabs open in the browser.

retailCRM allows easy integration
with popular platforms and services:

  • .
Any website constructor with API or external JS plugging is supported
Recommendation services:

We automate marketing of online shops "turnkey"

Email and SMS triggers, segmentation of the customer base, reminders and redial for managers, personalized popup-windows — these and much more we can configure specially under the theme of your store. We are working from the analytics and immersion to business specifics to programming and testing of specific solutions.

Do you want to carry out the integration by yourself?

No problem. retailCRM has extensive API ready-made modules for integration with popular CMS and a number of online-services. We are sure that you will like our opportinities and flexibility.

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