Ervaar het gemak van retailCRMHet beste e-commerce management platform

  • Order Management

    Bespaar tijd en verminder kosten bij het bestelproces

    Minimaliseer de kans op risico's

  • e-Commerce CRM

    Verhoog de orderwaarde en herhaalaankopen

    Maak uw klanten loyaal

  • Analytics

    Verkrijg accurate data en inzichtelijke verbeterkansen

    KPI gestuurde e-commerce

  • Integration

    Integreer gemakkelijk met andere systemen en platforms

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  1. 1
    How it works:

    We collect data on orders, calls, customers and traffic in "one-window" mode

  2. 2
    From where the data is collected
    • Online stores
    • Landing pages
    • Offline stores
    • Mobile applications
    • CPA-networks
    • Warehouse systems
    • Delivery services
    • IP-telephony
    • Google analytics
    • Any external service (through API)
  3. 3
    • Personalized e-mail letters and SMS is sent directly from CRM, for a couple of seconds за пару секунд.
    • Consolidated analytics by several services and stores is made in several clicks without complicated consolidated Excel tables.
    • From the first seconds of conversation with customer the manager knows what customer has been watching on the site, has purchased earlier and what letters from mailing he has opened.
    • Manager working speed increases abruptly — no need to rush between a dozen tabs open in the browser.

belangrijkste kenmerken en de kern van retailCRM:

  • Single processing window for orders from different sources (websites, marketplaces, landing pages and etc.)
  • Comprehensive analytics on customers, products, orders and ad sources
  • Personalized SMS/emails on orders and customers are sent automatically
  • Control over managers due to activity reports, call records, recording of the full change history and rules of work with orders and customers
  • Automated triggers for making business processes, reminders on tasks and automatic communication with customers
  • IP-telephony integration allows to recognize the customer upon incoming call, make calls from retailCRM, make call records and build reports on calls of team members
  • Delivery services integration allows automatic calculation of cost, sending and tracking of the request directly in retailCRM