Specialized eCommerce Management System

  • Order Management

    Save time and costs spent on order processing

    Minimize errors and risks

  • eCommerce CRM

    Increase average order value and repeated sales

    Increase customer loyalty

  • Analytics

    Control your business in real-time

    Decision making support

  • Integration

    Work with your customers and orders in “one window”

    Control your business process

Why retailCRM?

If you have problems with:

  • No synchronization between your online store and back office
  • No transparent overall analytics
  • No increase in profit
  • Few repeated sales
  • Slow order processing
  • Many abandoned carts and cancelled orders

Then retailCRM is the right solution for you.

All data in one window


Multi-criteria Analysis of your online store.

System analyzes the profitability of your business, monitors the conversion rate and the effectiveness of advertising, measures the level of customer loyalty and identifies the sales leaders.

A user-friendly constructor in the CRM system allows you to create individual reports based on custom criteria.

work with list of orders

The list of orders within retailCRM is flexible and it is easy to determine where relevant information is left out. The advanced filter allows you to identify any possible category of an order. It can also create the template for repetitive operations which saves time spent on order processing. The list can be exported to your PC.

work with orders

retailCRM makes it possible to process orders entirely in one window. There is information about the customer, added goods, discount schemes, choice of warehouse, stock control, dispatch and delivery, payment methods and order tasks in one window for each order. However, you can add any other fields, if required.


retailCRM collects, stores and analyzes all the information about each customer. It includes contact details, purchased goods, financial history, history of site visits, received e-mails and SMS, phone calls. All this can be seen in the customer profile.


retailCRM allows you to measure the performance of sales managers. Built-in analytical widgets show the revenue for each manager, the number of processed orders, the upsell and other relevant information according to which you can pay the salary and bonuses of your sales managers.

retailCRM key features:

  • Single processing window for orders from different sources (websites, marketplaces, landing pages and etc.)
  • Comprehensive analytics on customers, products, orders and ad sources
  • Personalized SMS/emails on orders and customers are sent automatically
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  • Control over managers due to activity reports, call records, recording of the full change history and rules of work with orders and customers
  • Automated triggers for making business processes, reminders on tasks and automatic communication with customers
  • IP-telephony integration allows to recognize the customer upon incoming call, make calls from retailCRM, make call records and build reports on calls of team members
  • Delivery services integration allows automatic calculation of cost, sending and tracking of the request directly in retailCRM
  1. 1
    How it works:

    We collect data on orders, calls, customers and traffic in "one-window" mode

  2. 2
    From where the data is collected
    • Online stores
    • Landing pages
    • Offline stores
    • Mobile applications
    • CPA-networks
    • Warehouse systems
    • Delivery services
    • IP-telephony
    • Google analytics
    • Any external service (through API)
  3. 3
    • Personalized e-mail letters and SMS is sent directly from CRM, for a couple of seconds за пару секунд.
    • Consolidated analytics by several services and stores is made in several clicks without complicated consolidated Excel tables.
    • From the first seconds of conversation with customer the manager knows what customer has been watching on the site, has purchased earlier and what letters from mailing he has opened.
    • Manager working speed increases abruptly — no need to rush between a dozen tabs open in the browser.