14 January 2016

New retailCRM tools for sales increase

Forming up marketing work in retailCRM has become even more convenient. With new improvements your managers will not forget to ask about customer's birthday, the browsing time data is available right from the customer's card, and the universal analytics widget is supplemented with new parameters.

Congratulating customers on their Birthday

retailCRM customer settings underwent small but important changes. Customer card has got a new "Birthday" field.
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Like any other field, it can be made obligatory. For example, your operators forget to ask, when customer has a birthday, so marking this field as obligatory won't let you save the card leaving the field blank.

Updated Customer Segments - even more segmentation parameters

Now a new segment is available in Customer Segments - options on customer birth date, first and last order, first and last visit, and also a completed orders sum.

Moreover, cancelled orders (order quantity, completed orders, first and last order date) are no more included in segments settings.
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It's necessary to mention, that customer birth date segmentation is applicable both with year and without it. For example, such flexible customer filtration will be useful in marketing work, namely in sms & e-mail distribution. So, you can single out a separate group for the customers, who have birthday, say, in 3 days, and set an SMS or e-mail sending with personalized offers. And such messages will be sent every year on birthday eve automatically. This way you get a loyal client, who, having got a discount in your eStore exactly, will come for shopping or for a family holiday gift.

RetailRocket integration settings extension

RetailRocket integration settings got a new field - "Idetification Field"
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You can choose a parameter in the dropping list, on which the products will be identificated for recomendational service.

Initially only two items were added to the list - either marking, or ID. Now it includes all your eShop goods parameters, as color, size, etc.

Why do you need it?

For example, you connected your eShop to RetailRocket a year ago, but have shifted recently to a new CMS-platform with new products IDs. However old IDs are still saved. They can be uploaded to retailCRM as separate product options, and seen in a new identification field in RetailRocket integration settings.

Look from retailCRM, how much time customers spend browsing your site pages.

You don't need to enter Metrics or Analytics anymore to be able to look how much time your customers spend browsing eShop pages. retailCRM now shows how much time a customer has spent browsing various pages of your site. The data is presented in the customer "Visits" card ("Visits" inlay for an interested client).
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Web browsing timings data are collected from Google Analytics. Thats why, to use full functionality, a proper site meter installation and further retailCRM and Google Analytics integration are obligatory.

Extended parameters for more precise reports

Analytics section widget's parameter «Region» is subdivided to two smaller parameters - «Region» and «City».
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"Region" parameter classification shows information about regions/territories/republics, when "City" - about settlements.

Herein a new parameter "Product offer" was also added.

Now you can make up summaries on specific products - how many N positions were sold, which manager by, which city the products were ordered in and etc. This will be especially useful for fast xls reports analysis, which include many positions.