4 March 2016

Stepwise manual for sending emails from retailCRM to customer segments

We are glad to present you a new educational material about retailCRM features. In this article we will show you how to quickly send emails from retailCRM to different customer segments.
retailCRM is aimed first of all for automated email and sms distribution. But this doesn't prevent simple emails to be sent directly from retailCRM. This is made a bit more difficult than in specialized services, but an advantage is that no additional monthly fee is charged.

At that you won't need either mail service integation, or any additional plugins. Everything works exceptionally on base system functionality, although it needs a bit more time for set up.

Before giving instructions we'll show you why it can be helpful.
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  1. retailCRM direct email distribution needs no external email-sender and doesn't depend on its tariffs. All you are going to pay for distribution is 0.4 cents per letter sent.
  2. No need in loading email adress lists to anywhere. Distribution will be sent automatically to your selected user segment.
  3. Practically any email template with any number of elements of any design can be included to distribution. It is possible to create and organize upsell distribution, collect customer replies, make news digest or send special offer to customers.
  4. Having a bit of skill you will be able not only to send emails with content, but make the process automated. For instance, if you want to congratulate your customers on their birthdays and give them advantageous offers, but you are afraid that manager will forget to make a ring up or arrange a distribution - simply tune up a template on the segments needed. And congratulations will reach their addresses in time, and they will follow from email to your eStore for purchases.
So, in order to send a segment distribution from retailCRM follow several simple steps: create an email template which you want to send to customers. To do this go to «Communications» section of administration panel, find «Letters templates» subsection and open it.
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Create a new template with any suitable and understandable name. Activate it and in the «Event» dropping list choose the event on which trigger should react and send the template to customers. For example, «Send a letter upon client information change». In field «To» set the following:

{{ customer.anyEmail }}

In subject of the letter write what you want to be displayed in the same field of your recipient's letter. Then write or compose the template itself and save it.

Go to main retailCRM section, go to «Clients» and choose «Customer Segments» subsection.
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Create a new segment with a special name. Specify the type - static, activate the segment with a tick.
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If the type is dynamic - then action will be completed many times until the event set up in trigger settings or letter template is reached. E.g. upon changing any customer info. Let's take changing the status to «New» as the info. As soon as client with a new order appears in the system - the trigger will respond. And it will be so with every new lead in the system.

Further set up segment filters in such way so the letter will be sent to a definite number of customers.

Save the set up segment. Now let's shift to the trigger set up. Go to adminstration panel > «Communications» > Triggers. Create a new trigger pressing «Add» button. Write a name in the opened window, then the symbolic code (it should be taken from segment set up above: go to segment and copy data in the «Symbolic code» field).

For trigger activation just tick it.

Now you need to set which activity the trigger will react on - it should be correspondent to the letter template settings (in our case it is «Client info change»).

Input the script to the «Filter» field:
changeSet.hasChangedField('segments') and 
changeSet.getNewValue('segments') and 
changeSet.getNewValue('segments').getCode() == "regular-customers"
Read more about filters and triggers in the documentation.

After that add trigger activity (we indicated "Send the letter according to template") and choose the template created in p. 1-2 letter template. Press "Create".

Done! Now all the customers in the selected segment will be sent a letter template.

retailCRM triggers are really working wonders in e-commerce. We already told you how else you can use our triggers in business. For example, you can set up automatic reply collection or manage abandoned carts. Also read about real trigger usage examples in our cases.

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