27 October 2016

Setting up the working time of online store

It is possible to set up the working time in retailCRM. There will be more precise analytics and less confusion.

What is the key point of the update?

Now you can specify the working time and non-working dates of your online store in settings of retailCRM.

How will it help in practice?

Imagine that the online store has set up 1 hour as the time limit for staying in the status "New".
On Friday evening, when the working day has already ended, an order arrives. At best it will be processed the next day but by that time it will already be overdue.

All this will be displayed in reports "Status duration" and "Processing expiration". Their data will be incorrect.
New update will help to avoid such situations. Limit on staying the order in a certain status will be taken into account only when the online store works. Reports will contain the actual data.

How to start using?

Specify the working time of your online store in the settings.
Enter the dates when your online store does not work. It can be holidays, inventory days and so on.
We hope that this update will help you to trace the efficiency of your managers more precisely. If you have any questions or would like to leave a feedback, write us on