20 October 2016

Some new and useful things in analytics of retailCRM

October release of qualitative changes and improvements in analytics of retailCRM. User fields can be displayed in all widget axes now and a new tab "Offer sales report" has been added to the sales report.

User fields are displayed in widget on all axes now

Now, any user field, created by you, can be displayed in any widget axis including the second aggregating one.
Only user fields of the following type are available to displaying:

  • Whole number
  • Number

Let`s make an example of using a such function. Imagine that you have a separate user field where will be displayed managers bonuses on each order. By means of retailCRM triggers, you can set up an automatic calculation of bonuses, depending on order cost. And due to the fact that such user field can be displayed in the second widget axis, the system will automatically display analytics according to data from it.
So, literally in a couple of seconds you will receive the data about a proximate (on created orders) or an exact (on completed or paid orders) bonuses sum of each employee for a certain time.

Make a report on goods sales

A new tab "Offer sales report" has been added to the "Sales reports" in retailCRM.
In fact, it is the same report on goods sales but with separator on goods offers. Let's look at it in details:
  1. Here you can select time interval for which you would like to see the report.
  2. By which orders to see the data: created, completed, paid or all at once.
  3. Which store with its goods offers should be in the report.
  4. You can select a specific group of goods / goods offers.
  5. The name of a good with a good offer.
  6. Specific good offer (for example, Printed Summer Dress).
  7. Additional characteristics (article, color, producer and etc.).
  8. Data on all purchases: price, purchase price, the sum of all purchased goods, margin, sales number.
  9. Data on all refusals: refusal amount, refusal number, net revenue and net purchase price of refused goods

As all other retailCRM reports, "Offer sales report" can be exported in Excel table.

Why is the report on goods sales necessary? It shows a detailed situation of what is the best-seller in your store and what, on the contrary, is sold worst. For example, which size of clothes is bought more often or which color of lipstick is the most popular.

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