19 June 2017

Integration of retailCRM with DHL and FedEx deliveries

World leaders among delivery services have arrived in our marketplace.
DHL and FedEx delivery services are one of the most well known in the world. They come in handy if customers of your online store live all over the world. As for functionality, there is the classical gentleman's set here.

  • Calculate delivery cost on the fly, directly in an order card. It's cool when your employee communicates with customer by phone and can quickly name the delivery cost of any service.
  • In the same window, it is possible to draw up an application for delivery at once and print stickers. Free yourself from personal accounts of delivery services. Everything is within one tab, one click.
  • Also, you can bind the order status to the delivery status and be aware of order`s location. Further, triggers, which will inform your customers where their order is and when it needs to be picked up, can be set up to these statuses.
  • Besides, having the integration with FedEx it is possible to cancel the delivery if the customer has changed his/her mind.

Instructions for setting up the modules are available in our technical documentation, in section "Integration. Delivery services".