8 December 2017

Manage shipment of orders to the delivery services

New subsection on managing requests for couriers of delivery services has appeared in retailCRM.
New subsection "Shipment of orders to the delivery service" has appeared in "Items" tab. It displays requests for a courier pick up.

You can create a new request there.
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Peculiarities of courier services are also taken into account — additional fields appear, when choosing this or that service. For example, if you use DPD, then beside the creation of the shipment, you will see the button "Printing DPD dispatch register".

After saving a new shipment, it is automatically sent to the delivery service.

The filter in the shipments list will help you to find the necessary shipment quickly. For example, on order number, status or manager.

At the moment, this functionality is available for working with DPD and DHL. But new methods, allowing to use the new functionality for existing deliveries of marketplace, have been added to API deliveries. All methods of API deliveries are described here.

The detailed description is in the documentation. If you have any questions, write us —