16 January 2018

5 new functions for working with orders and goods

We have added 5 new functions in order to speed and facilitate the work with orders and goods.
Improvement of our functionality is conducted on an ongoing basis. Some updates are invisible, others you were looking forward to, since they increase convenience and stability of the service. In this article we have decided to tell about some updates for the fourth quarter of 2017, so you will cover the whole ground.

What is new in retailCRM:

Number of articles in the order
The number of articles in the order is displayed now in order details block of the order page. You don't have to waste time on counting.

Read the documentation
Barcodes of trade offers
A field for barcodes has appeared on the trade offer page. By this parameter you can search for the orders with the particular good. A filter by this field is also available at the selection of goods, in the list of goods and in balances.

Barcodes can be uploaded both in ICML and added in catalogue editing mode.
Customizable filter by product properties
New section «Filter by properties in the list of products» has appeared in the items settings. Here you can setup filter properties in order to find the desired products more quickly in the section bearing the same name.
Last notes in the customer list
It is possible to display a column with notes in the customer list. This helps to get to the bottom without opening a customer profile.
Common external identifiers of orders for all stores
New setting allows to reset or not to reset an external ID of the order when changing the store.

In case, if several stores, connected to your CRM, have different platforms, enable the resetting of the external identifier. If several stores are on the same platform (for example, Bitrix multisite mode), then when changing the store, don't reset the external identifiers.

Read the documentation

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