28 Feb 2018

Automation of order processing: 4 tools of retailCRM

We are telling about the 4 most popular tools of retailCRM for order processing automation
7 Feb 2018

Increasing average order value for online store

We are telling how to increase average order value, how it is increased by the others and how to set up upsells in retailCRM.
16 Jan 2018

5 new functions for working with orders and goods

We have added 5 new functions in order to speed and facilitate the work with orders and goods.
8 Dec 2017

Manage shipment of orders to the delivery services

New subsection on managing requests for couriers of delivery services has appeared in retailCRM.
23 Nov 2017

Increase repeated sales of online store by means of RFM analysis

Step by step we are telling how to launch standard triggered mailing based on Recency and Frequency indicators in ActionAssistant.
3 Oct 2017

Why new module "Finances" is useful for stores

New module "Finances" has been developed in retailCRM. Enter variable and fixed costs of online store, calculate efficiency of marketing campaigns and assess to what extent the store successfully works with orders in financial terms.
12 Sep 2017

Omni-channel strategy, robots and order processing in Inventive Retail Group

How retailer with turnover of more than 846 150 000 USD has implemented Enterprise solution of retailCRM
25 Aug 2017

Case study of Meloman: implementation of retailCRM and growth in share of e-commerce sales in 2 times

Kazakhstan retailer with retail network of 40 stores has implemented retailCRM which is the central system in order management now.
11 Jul 2017

What is new in retailCRM 6.0

ActionAssistant (an intellectual assistant for getting repeated sales), new customer card, bulk mailings on segments, section with detailed analytics on Email and SMS, new version of API and etc.
29 Jun 2017

How to collect data in e-commerce properly: 9+ recommendations

How to optimize gathering of standard customer information, plus recommendations for niche online stores.