16 Jan 2018

5 new functions for working with orders and goods

We have added 5 new functions in order to speed and facilitate the work with orders and goods.
8 Dec 2017

Manage shipment of orders to the delivery services

New subsection on managing requests for couriers of delivery services has appeared in retailCRM.
3 Oct 2017

Why new module "Finances" is useful for stores

New module "Finances" has been developed in retailCRM. Enter variable and fixed costs of online store, calculate efficiency of marketing campaigns and assess to what extent the store successfully works with orders in financial terms.
11 Jul 2017

What is new in retailCRM 6.0

ActionAssistant (an intellectual assistant for getting repeated sales), new customer card, bulk mailings on segments, section with detailed analytics on Email and SMS, new version of API and etc.
19 Jun 2017

Integration of retailCRM with DHL and FedEx deliveries

World leaders among delivery services have arrived in our marketplace
4 Apr 2017

Setting up the working time of online store

It is possible to set up the working time in retailCRM. There will be more precise analytics and less confusion.
27 Oct 2016

New things in retailCRM: clickable user fields, exporting goods characteristics in Excel, customer search on TIN and improvements on file working

First of all, we have carried out a big optimization of user fields functionality. For example, they can be made editable, not editable or absent. Also in this release: goods characteristics and status groups can be exported in Excel now, search of existing customer is carried out not only on a contact information but on legal details and it is possible to attach psd models and other "heavy" formats as a file to order or customer.
20 Oct 2016

Some new and useful things in analytics of retailCRM

October release of qualitative changes and improvements in analytics of retailCRM. User fields can be displayed in all widget axes now and a new tab "Offer sales report" has been added to the sales report.
17 Aug 2016

Closer to an ideal — new possibilities of connection between retailCRM and Google Analytics

Alongside with the interface and functionality of retailCRM 5.0, has been updated and improved web analytics. Even yesterday you did not want to upload orders without items to GA or did not know how to save the first and last value of clientID in retailCRM and today all these and other possibilities are already available!