28 Feb 2018

Automation of order processing: 4 tools of retailCRM

We are telling about the 4 most popular tools of retailCRM for order processing automation
7 Feb 2018

Increasing average order value for online store

We are telling how to increase average order value, how it is increased by the others and how to set up upsells in retailCRM.
23 Nov 2017

Increase repeated sales of online store by means of RFM analysis

Step by step we are telling how to launch standard triggered mailing based on Recency and Frequency indicators in ActionAssistant.
29 Jun 2017

How to collect data in e-commerce properly: 9+ recommendations

How to optimize gathering of standard customer information, plus recommendations for niche online stores.
23 Jun 2017

How to start independent control of finances in online store

Sooner or later, online store comes to the moment of necessity in evaluating results of carried out work. The accountant says that the report will be ready at the end of the quarter and in a week it is time to make a large prepayment for warehouse’s rent. Moreover it’s unclear why the bank account has almost no money left. How to avoid such problem and why the store needs its own financial accounting — we will tell in the article.
5 May 2017

How to import data from retailCRM to PowerBI

Oleg Basmanov is a web analyst in online store. He has shared his integration experience of retailCRM with Microsoft Power BI.
4 Mar 2016

retailCRM and Google Analytics integration - as simple as “2x2”

retailCRM can download data about client’s viewed goods and pages, sources income, channels, campaigns, reached events and aims from Google Analytics. This is used in retailCRM for…
14 Jan 2016

New retailCRM tools for sales increase

Forming up marketing work in retailCRM has become even more convenient. With new improvements your managers will not forget to ask about customer’s birthday, the browsing time data is available right from the customer’s card, and the universal analytics widget is supplemented with new parameters.
4 Dec 2015

How to increase repeat sales: tuning up RFM analytics

Can you find that few number of constant customers that are making your sales? Can you see the moment when a good customer stops bit by bit making the volume of orders he used to make? You can find the answer in the retailCRM RFM analytics module. Especially now, when it became highly customizable. A suitable icon appeared in upper right corner. Deleted or cancelled orders are not included in RFM calculation formulas that allows you to get the most precise data.