Before you start using our product, it is recommended that you integrate it with different services and configure the CRM system regarding your business processes.

Integration and configuration of retailCRM

  • Integrate your online store with retailCRM to synchronize all the data, orders, customers and goods.

    retailCRM can be integrated with any CMS system including “self-written”. You can integrate as many web pages with retailCRM as needed.

  • Integrate retailCRM with online sales channels.

    Landing pages, CPA networks, marketplaces, mobile applications etc.

  • Install Daemon Collector

    • Setup lead capture form.
    • Track your online visitors.
  • Configure retailCRM:

    • Status and types of orders
    • Status matrix
    • Roles, permissions and templates filtration
    • Display objectives into the sales funnel
  • Integration with stock management system and supply management system

  • Integration with web analytics (Universal Analytics or Google Analytics)

  • Integration with delivery services

  • Integration and configuration of IP telephony

  • Preparation of printing forms (from example provided).

  • Triggers configuration

  • Tracking source of orders and calls

  • Configuration of customer segments

    Assistance with preparation of personalized recommendations for increasing of AOV and repeated sales