28 June 2016

Trigger updates in retailCRM

Starting from this month, using triggers became a way more convenient: now you can see the actions made by triggers, set their working priority, cancel template sending inside the trigger and much more.

Now you can see more information in the list of triggers

You don't need to enter every created trigger to look at the event that it reacts and the action it makes. This information can be seen directly in the trigger list, in separate columns at the left side.
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There's been also an event filter added. Now you can quickly find the trigger you need:
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Now every trigger in the system can be attached its own numerical order.
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Thank to this rework you can configure which trigger will work earlier and which later. And also you can see their actuation priority in the general list.

Trigger code instead of the ID in the error log

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If your trigger actuated with an error, now its easier for you identificate it in the general log and quickly fix the bug. Earlier, the trigger ID was displayed in the log, that was not easy to be found by a simle user.

Now retailCRM gives a symbolic code of the trigger instead of its ID:
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Cancel of sending letter template

We have already given you several examples how you can use retailCRM triggers in your e-shop for the sales increase. Let's see one more case.

Imagine you have configured an automatic email with recommended items or cross-sells for the whole segment of customers. In some cases, by this or that reason, the system cannot choose the desired number of items for the letter.
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Earlier, the letter was sent to the customer anyway, even if it was partially or totally unfilled with product offerings. Now it's possible to cancel sending of such letter to customer.
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Cancel of twig-template generation

There can occur such situations, when template generation needs to be cancelled. For example, we want our trigger to send product recommendations, but if no recommendations are found for the customer, there's no need to generate the letter template and send it. To cancel it you need to use the tag {% cancel %}.

Example of use:
{% set recom = best_selling_products() %}
{% if recom|length > 0 %}
{# display recommended products #}
{% else %}
{% cancel %}
{% endif %}

At that, the trigger will continue to actuate for other correct letters. But as soon as the system detects, that it cannot correctly fill the template, it will cancel its sending and notify you about that.
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Check of status and online status of the manager in trigger

retailCRM has got 2 new functions:

  1. user_status(user = null) function allows to get manager status
  2. user_online_status(user = null) function allows to get the online status.
An example of use.

Supposing your managers work in shifts:

  • 1 manager Vasily Kuznetsov
  • 2 manager Nickolay Zhukov.

Yesterday, one of the orders was handled by Vasiliy, and today customer made a call and asked to make changes in the order. Vasily doesn't work today, it's Nickolay's shift, who answers the call and makes changes in the order. At that, the responsible manager is Vasily, though final order processing was made by Nickolay. Now retailCRM can check that Vasily is not online and automatically reallocate the order to Nickolay, when he makes changes.
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To do it you need to create a trigger for order change and set the following conditions:
changeSet.isUpdate() and changeSet.hasChangesWithSource(’user’) and order.getManager() and not user_online_status(order.getManager()) and user() and user().isManager() and user() != order.getManager()
And also set an action "Change order data", select "Manager" field and specify user() value.

Updated trigger documentation

Be sure that now all the latest lists of supported operators and available trigger functions are available for You. Since recent time all the latest value expressions added to retailCRM are automatically documented and can be used for work instantly.

For quick help system navigation we have marked with anchors our huge directory of objects with which you can work in triggers and twig-templates. For example, you need a list of objects/fields for the customer? — press here. And for the trade offer — you can find here.

Click the links, test the new things and let the automatization be with you :)

By the way, if you have not automatized your business or You got any difficulties in it — call us +44 2070437182, write to us We'll clue you in!